Nupur Bhatnagar – Wildlife Photographer

Nupur has travelled around the world and has taken some breathtaking photographs. Her love for wildlife photography developed when she visited South Africa in 2008. Since then she has been to several wildlife sanctuaries in the world and has taken some exotic shots of lions, tigers, cheetahs and leopards etc. in their natural habitat. She is especially fond of Gir National Park and has in her collection some spectacular shots of Asiatic Lions, the kings of beasts. One thing she enjoys most about being a wildlife photographer, is that she is never short of subjects. She can spend the whole day at a single water hole at Gir National Park, photographing her favourite lions. For her there is always a new perspective to capture and a different technique to try.
Nupur’s determination has transformed her love for photography from technical skill to a creative passion. She now hopes to showcase her talent to the world, through this website, which may be used as a vast resource of wildlife photographs.