Pricing for Non Exclusive rights is based solely on image sizes.
Prices for various file sizes are given below:

Size Dimensions/dpi Price
extra-large 6000 X 9000 / 300DPI 10,000
large 3600 X 5400 / 300DPI 7,000
medium 2700 X 4050 / 300DPI 5,000
small 600 X 900 / 72DPI 2,000
xl-exclusive-license 6000 X 9000 / 300DPI 15,000

For Exclusive image rights, a yearly charge of Rs. 5000/- will be payable extra, over and above the one time payment for the image. (An Exclusive license provides the licensee with an assurance that the same image will not be licensed to any Third Party for the duration of the agreement). Currently Exclusive licenses are available in respect of images downloaded in extra-large sizes.
Service Tax @ 12.36% as applicable, will be charged extra.

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