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Wild Gallery contains 65 photographs of wild creatures, great and small. A phenomenal ranges of animals in their natural environment- no cages, no farms, and no pretense. Indeed wildlife photographers dream come true. These photographs have been taken in various wildlife sanctuaries in India and South Africa.
    Photographer Nupur Bhatnagar is never far from nature, clicking pictures where the wild things are, in the backdrop of blazing sunsets, scorched earth, the failing light and the infinite sky.

     India’s ecosystem diversity is any photographers delight. It is rated as one of the12 mega-diversity nations of the world. A major factor that influences the high diversity of India’s species of plants and animals is related to the monsoon climate, which helps to create a mosaic of landscape type.

The varied moisture levels, both in terms of the amount of rainfall and the length of the monsoon in different parts of the country, play a major role in producing varied patterns of diversity of species. Great physical variations, from the lofty mountainous regions in the Himalayas, to the hill ranges in the peninsula and the low lying plains, from the multiple water sheds that are responsible for local variations in species diversity.
India’s forestland is said to cover 75 million hectares or 23 % of the total landmass. Only half of this has a canopy covering more than 40% of the ground.Plantations cover a large proportion or secondary forests have regrown after the felling of original natural forests. A major threat is conversion of natural forests to other forms of land use such as agriculture, timber plantation, collecting wood for fuel and overgrazing by domestic cattle.
    While National Parks and sanctuaries in India were formerly meant to save major wildlife species such as tigers, lions, elephants and deer, the objective is now linked to preservation of relatively intact natural ecosystems. The land in our protected areas includes plantations of Sal, Teak or other timber species, which are often relatively poor in diversity and have a low level of naturalness.

  As a Wildlife photographer and Naturalist, Nupur Bhatnagar feels that there is an urgent need to prevent poaching, to take strongest measures to prevent armed invaders from killing wild animals for commercial gains. There is a need to build the Wildlife Sanctuaries and Game Reserves in their naturalness, to allow the animals the freedom to move about freely. The preservation of wildlife preserves the environment, which she feels is most important and all measures to ensure this should be stepped up.

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