The Jungle Comes Alive

The Jungle Comes Alive Images The Jungle Come Alive contains 71 high-resolution photographs of birds, living their lives and interacting with their environment. These Photographs attempt to capture the soul of the bird in focus, often highlighting its distinctive behavior.

Photographer Nupur Bhatnagar is a keen bird watcher and tries to familiarize herself with bird behavior. She started bird photography with an ordinary family camera, clicking tame pigeons, ducks and sparrows. In the process she soon realized that equipment does not take photos, the photographer does. It takes knowledge, experience and time to take good photos. By practicing with common, easy to find birds she honed her skills to shoot more unusual species, on her visit to various wildlife sanctuaries, protected areas, game reserves and bird sanctuaries in India and South Africa.


As a photographer, Nupur Bhatnagar is never afraid to experiment. She always thinks of creative possibilities while shooting birds in flight. Besides taking standard shots, she loves to experiment with different techniques and ideas.
Photographer Nupur Bhatnagar is extremely careful when it comes to protecting her equipment, keeping it safe from hard knocks, dust, sand and scratches is an on going job for her. She always uses UV Filters to protect the front element of the Lens. While cleaning dust from her cameras and in particular, from Lens Optics, she uses a photographic air blower, which she finds safer than the cheap lens cloth available in the market.
Photographer Nupur Bhatnagar now shoots from digital cameras exclusively, preferring not just the immediacy of the image capture process but also the additional flexibility that digital technology brings to wildlife photography. For her, digital photography has less to do with image manipulation, and more to do with having control over image quality in the camera.

Photographer Nupur Bhatnagar finds her Pro Roller x200 (Lowepro), best way to carry gear in the field. It serves as a hardworking mobile studio built for her professional sized gear, multiple accessories, and a laptop. The bag conveniently fits into cabin bag category and can be converted as a backpack in times of need.

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